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Conti Gen6

A generation reigned by technological innovation

Roll into the future with Continental’s 6th generation of premium tyres that deliver on extraordinary comfort, handling and noise cancelation. From harmonic comfort chambers that eliminate noise levels to diamond blend compound that helps the tyre adapt to different driving situations, there is something unique about each of our generation 6 tyres.

ComfortContact CC6

With Comfort Contact CC6’s harmonic comfort chambers, 0 dB-Eater and whisper compound you get to hear a sound that is pleasant to the human ear instead of the harsh noise produced by the old school tyres. The whisper compound makes them highly adaptable to rough road conditions resulting into a smooth comfortable ride.

A truly comfortable tyre

Harmonic Comfort Chamber: Eliminates noise levels

Unpleasant noise frequencies are getting canceled out by the airwaves going in and out of the Harmonic Comfort Chamber which is based on the “Helmholtz resonator” principle. Instead of a harsh noise, a sound more pleasant to the human ear is generated. The chambers which are positioned on the inner shoulder of the tyre pattern, prevent noise emission towards the passengers in the car.

0dB-Eater: Lowering noise levels

Special designed unique round shaped groove elements designed to break up the noise waves into smaller waves which reduce the sound-level measured in the unit of decibel (dB).

Whisper compound: Comfortable ride combined with high mileage

The polymers of the CC6 compound feature special softeners which can adapt better to the roughness of the road surface. The microscopic holes of the road are getting filled and reduce the amount of vibration for less tyre noise.


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UltraContact UC6

The Ultra Contact UC6 is designed for a quiet and comfortable ride while offering maximized road contact with its Diamond edge technology that helps when experiencing hard braking, accelerating and cornering forces.

UltraContact UC6

Noise Breakers 2.0: Contributes to noise reduction.

This further lowers the noise level by introducing Noise Breakers 2.0, an enhanced version of the well known Noise Breaker concept which cuts the noise waves within the tyre grooves.

Diamond Blend Compound: Self-adapting compound based on driving situations.

Short grip polymers have more chain ends, which absorb more energy – that energy is transformed into heat, resulting in higher grip and shorter braking distances. The longer mileage polymers are entangled and strongly connected to each other, ensuring higher mileage.

Diamond Edge Technology: Maximized road contact when braking

The chamfered angle of the tread pattern helps to reduce tread flex - thus helping to maximise the tyre’s contact patch when experiencing hard braking, accelerating and cornering forces.


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MaxContact MC6

Feel the power in your hands and enjoy the ultimate control with Continental’s MaxContact MC6. Designed for enhanced grip, handling and wet braking, these futuristic tyres contain Chevron grip elements, stabilizer bars for handling and longitudinal chamfered edges that prevent the rolling-in-effect of the ribs in the lateral direction for maximum contact area to achieve enhanced cornering grip and stability.

Superior dry handling and braking


Chevron Grip Elements for handling and wet braking.

Performance designed Chevron Grip Elements allow even pressure distribution during cornering even on the inside tyre of the vehicle resulting in enhanced grip, better-wet braking and handling.

Stabiliser bars for handling and cornering stability

These fix and stabilise the outside shoulder blocks and the longitudinal rib to form one stable unit, for enhanced handling and cornering grip. Depending on the tyre dimension, there are about 50 Stabiliser Bars positioned around the tyre’s circumference

Longitudinal Chamfered Edges for superior handling and grip.

These prevent the rolling-in-effect of the ribs in the lateral direction for maximum contact area to achieve enhanced cornering grip and stability.


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